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Obama: It's going to be close

“President Barack Obama told campaign donors Monday that ‘if the election were held today, I think it'd be close, but I think we'd win,’” AP writes. “He said his opponents were ‘spending like nobody’s business’ and that Democrats need substantial sums to counterpunch.” More: “The president held court in the Parisian-style NoMad hotel in Manhattan’s Flatiron District with 60 people who contributed $40,000 each, raising more than $2 million for the 2012 elections.”

“Elizabeth Warren will not deliver the keynote speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention, but instead will speak immediately before former President Bill Clinton on what party officials hope will be an energetic penultimate night,” the Boston Globe notes. “Warren and Clinton will speak in primetime on Wednesday, Sept. 5, and form a one-two punch aimed at crystallizing the choice between President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney in the general election, the Obama campaign said.”

Political Wire: “A new Gallup poll finds 66% of Americans have a favorable opinion of former President Bill Clinton, tying his record-high favorability rating recorded at the time of his inauguration in January 1993.”

“Democrats’ platform drafting committee … met in Minneapolis over the weekend and agreed on draft language that would put a major political party officially on-board with legal same-sex marriage for the first time in US history,” the Boston Globe writes.

Too cute? “Romney's visit to Poland could have an impact well beyond Eastern Europe because a large portion of the Polish-American community resides in critical swing states — especially Pennsylvania and Michigan, according to a 2010 survey of Polish-Americans by the Piast Institute,” USA Today writes. Thaddeus Radzilowski, president of the Piast Institute, said Polish-Americans will be listening for Romney to pledge his support to help Poland gain access to the visa-waiver program, which allows travelers from 36 countries to fly to the U.S. without applying for a travel documents ahead of time. During his trip to Poland in 2011, Obama expressed his support for legislation to help Poland qualify for the program.”

Romney didn’t mention the waiver program in his speech.