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Obama campaign raises $46M in June; Romney takes in $33M


Mitt Romney's campaign raised $33 million in June, according to its Federal Election Commission filing on Friday, accounting for about a third of the $106 million Republicans had boasted raising last month.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee's haul was his largest monthly total to date, but fell well short of the $46 million raised by President Obama's campaign during the same period.

Two weeks ago, the Romney campaign boasted its Victory Committee -- a combination of the campaign, the Republican National Committee and state committees -- had raised $106 million in June. Today's finance report reflects the likelihood that this total was boosted by a large number of high-dollar contributions to Romney and his allies versus a larger number of small-dollar donations that are seen as indicative of grassroots support.

For the month of June, the Obama campaign reported receipts of almost $46 million in June, making up well over half of the $71 million it had previously announced raising jointly with the Democratic National Committee.

The Obama team spent over $58 million in June, though, with one of the largest expenses being television ads bolstering the president and criticizing Romney over his private sector career and scant release of tax records.

Likewise, the largest single expense for the Romney campaign was its advertising efforts. The campaign disclosed having spent $10.4 million dollars on so-called "placed media," FEC-speak for television and radio ad buys.

Also reflecting the advantages of raising money as an incumbent president, the Obama campaign reported having $97.5 million in the bank as of June 30. The Romney campaign ended June with $22.5 million in cash on hand.

The dueling June reports reflect a better apples-to-apples assessment of the Obama and Romney campaign's respective finances.

That said, the massive fundraising effort orchestrated by Republicans last month -- one that is likely to continue through July -- helps bring the GOP's overall mechanisms into parity with Democrats, if not somewhat of an advantage.

The Obama campaign also released on Friday the list of its bundlers through the end of the second quarter. The Romney campaign does not release the names of its bundlers.