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Romney camp still light on the specifics


The specifics are still lacking.

Mitt Romney promises to balance the budget by 2020, after his eight years in office, if elected. But a Romney surrogate went on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown this morning and had a difficult time defending the candidate’s lack of specifics.

“I’m not an economist, and I’m not going to play an economist,” Romney adviser Tara Wall told NBC’s Luke Russert, guest-hosting for Chuck Todd, after Russert pressed for details on how Romney would close the nation’s deficits. “Mitt Romney has a proven record,” she added.

Wall noted that Romney would give tax breaks, “replace ObamaCare,” and make spending cuts and streamline government.

Russert pointed out that Romney proposes to increase defense spending and cut taxes even more, which would increase spending and reduce revenue. So, what are the offsets? Russert asked.

Wall deflected.

"There's plenty of time to learn and hear more from the candidates,” Wall said, adding that Romney would get rid of “new regulations, overzealous regulations.”

And then she wanted to talk about the campaign’s latest attack on President Obama as being “anti-business.”

“Look at where our growth comes from,” she said, adding that Romney would not be “maligning our small businesses, not demonizing small businesses.”

Pressed for specifics on Afghanistan, given Romney’s upcoming trip abroad, Wall again deflected, contending these aren’t the issues that are most important to the election.

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