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Romney: The path less traveled

“Mitt Romney is taking the path less traveled in the battleground state of Colorado. Set to make his third campaign stop of the general election in the Mile High state, Mr. Romney will once again venture to a reliably Republican corner of Colorado hours away from the state’s heavily populated and hotly contested Front Range. His stop Tuesday, the day after attending a private fundraiser in Aspen, will take Mr. Romney to Grand Junction on Colorado’s Western Slope, a swath of the state that has long favored Republicans. Mesa County gave more than 64% of its votes to Sen. John McCain in 2008,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

National Journal writes: “Given the Democrats' line of attack these days and the ads they are running in Colorado, Romney may well be asked in Grand Junction about his tax shelters and business practices. And that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for him. As any political pro will tell you and no doubt has told him: Better to get your sea legs now when people's minds are wrapped around summer vacation -- and not later when you're on the debate stage with a sitting president, a persistent moderator and most of the country watching.”

Reuters: “U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney raised $106 million in June, far surpassing President Barack Obama's $71 million haul in the record-setting money race leading to the November 6 election. Romney's fundraising mark, announced by his campaign on Monday, is the best monthly total so far in the 2012 presidential campaign. It is another sign that Romney and his allies are on course to wash away any cash advantage that Obama, as an incumbent president, typically would enjoy in a bid for re-election.”