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Romney: The Hamptons

"They never got close, and Mitt Romney may not have even seen them, but protesters — some from Occupy Wall Street — took political theater to a new level Sunday outside the beachfront estate of billionaire David H. Koch, where the Republican candidate was raising money," The Los Angeles Times reports. "Some of the 200 protesters marched down mile-long Coopers Beach toward the home in a cloud of sand, bearing banners and signs: "Your $50,000 ticket equals my child's education," "end corporate personhood" and "don't forget to tip the help.""

"After raising just over $106 million last month, Mitt Romney‘s campaign and its Republican allies still maintain they’re the underdog, according to memos to be released Monday,” The Wall Street Journal writes. “The Romney Victory effort — Mr. Romney’s campaign along with the Republican National Committee and select state committees — raised $106.1 million in June, the GOP allies’ biggest fundraising month so far. Along with the RNC, the Romney campaign had $160 million in cash on hand, according to the campaign."

The Washington Post: "With the prospective vice presidential candidates fanning out as campaign-trail surrogates, Romney and his closest counselors have entered the final stages of selecting the ultimate surrogate — a running mate. There are seven weeks remaining until the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and Romney has a few important strategic decisions to make before then: not only who to name as a vice presidential nominee, but also when and how to do so."