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Madden to expand role in Romney campaign

NBC News confirms that Kevin Madden, Mitt Romney’s 2008 spokesman, will assume a more prominent role in the campaign going forward.

Madden served as an informal adviser through the GOP primaries before officially joining the campaign in a more behind-the-scenes advisory role.

The news comes after a Washington Post report intimated that changes were coming. CBS first reported the news of Madden's expanded role this morning.

We wrote in First Thoughts this morning:

*** Romney continues to try and quell the right: With news out today that Romney is considering a foreign-policy push this summer with a trip to Europe and his $100 million month (joint with the RNC and Victory Fund), it seems the Romney folks are trying to leak some stuff out to calm down the Bill Kristols and Paul Gigots of the world. By the way, none of the changes noted in this piece seem to be real big changes but just the type of nuggets that will calm the nervous nellies down. By the way, the power of Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul owner of The Wall Street Journal, New York Post and Fox News, who started this tempest with just a Tweet, is notable here. Not only does the Aussie control those conservative media outlets, he also apparently wields enough influence that the Romney campaign felt it needed to make some adjustments. What’s makes it even more incredible is, as the New York Times reports, Romney and Murdoch aren’t even close. Murdoch got close to the Clintons and the Bushes. But he could never get close to Obama, because he bet on the Clintons, and now, he’s not really close to Romney, either.