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Obama: On the road again�

Bloomberg previews Obama’s two-day bus tour: “President Barack Obama hops on a bus in Ohio today to start a two-day campaign tour labeled ‘Betting on America’ to draw a contrast with Republican Mitt Romney, a former private-equity executive who invested overseas. Polls show that linking Romney to the outsourcing of U.S. jobs when he was at Boston-based Bain Capital LLC, which he co- founded, is an effective approach with voters in the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Obama will end the trip.”

Said Stu Rothenberg: "If the election’s about Romney and Bain, then the president’s going to win.” “For Romney, it has to be about Obama: Obama and jobs, Obama and leadership, Obama and the economy, and Obama and health-care."

Reuters: “Buoyed by a victory over healthcare reform but stung by poor economic data, President Barack Obama will try to rev up his re-election campaign on Thursday with a bus tour designed to appeal to struggling blue-collar workers in key battleground states.”

Los Angeles Times: "After a month in which some prominent Democrats openly questioned President Obama's campaign strategy, the mood at the White House has risen, with strategists believing their efforts to define Mitt Romney as a corporate outsourcing specialist are proving a success with swing voters.” Hat tip: Political Wire.