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Veepstakes: Is this the short list?

“Marching in the parade with [Romney in New Hampshire] was Kelly Ayotte, a senator from New Hampshire who has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential choice,” the Boston Globe writes. “Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, another mentioned candidate, was not with Romney. He will be in New Hampshire on Saturday to attend a fund-raiser, said Tommy Schultz, a Romney spokesman.”

Two other possible veeps -- Tim Pawlenty and Bobby Jindal -- will be following the Obama bus – attacking and rapid responding.

“One of the richest Members of Congress is on the short list to be Mitt Romney’s running mate,” Roll Call writes. “So is one of the poorest. Of the four lawmakers the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is said to be considering, Sen. Rob Portman is by far the wealthiest, recently filed personal financial disclosure forms show… On the other hand, Sen. Marco Rubio, a vice presidential hopeful, is likely among the least wealthy Members of the Senate with a net worth of negative $400,000.”

CNBC’s Joe Kernan endorsed Chris Christie for veep.