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What we're watching this morning


In lieu of our regular First Thoughts, here's the news and reporting we're watching this morning.

The Obama campaign is up with a new TV ad resurrecting the charge that Romney is an outsourcer. “Mitt Romney’s companies were pioneers in outsourcing US jobs to low-wage countries,” the ad goes, citing a recent Washington Post piece, which the Romney camp disputes. "President Obama believes in insourcing. He fought to save the US auto industry. And favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home.”

The Obama camp is also highlighting a new Vanity Fair piece looking into Romney's complicated offshore accounts in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

The Wall Street Journal
notes that Obama and Romney finally agree on something: a health-care mandate is a penalty -- not a tax. "Mitt Romney's campaign is aligning itself with President Barack Obama—and breaking from Republican leaders—by saying the government will be imposing a penalty, not a tax, on people who don't buy insurance as required by the new health-care law."

NBC's Garrett Haake confirms that New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) -- a potential VP pick -- will appear with Romney tomorrow at a July 4th parade in the Granite State.

Haake also confirmed yesterday's New York Times report that Romney will visit Israel later this summer.

And in an interview with the Washington Post, Attorney General Eric Holder said this about last week's vote holding him in contempt of Congress: “I’ve become a symbol of what they don’t like about the positions this Justice Department has taken,” he said. “I am also a proxy for the president in an election year. You have to be exceedingly naive to think that vote was about ... documents.”