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Veepstakes: Rubio's book tour

JINDAL: “On a call with reporters, Jindal said that the decision to uphold the healthcare law as a tax is a ‘blow to our freedoms,’” The Hill reports. “ What's next?’ he said, expressing concern for people who ‘refuse to eat tofu’ or ‘refuse to drive a Chevy Volt’ — a popular hybrid car.”  

He also nearly called the health law, “Obamaneycare.”

MCDONNELL: “In an interview published on Tuesday by WTOP, McDonnell said, ‘I’m not discussing the vice presidential vetting process.  You can address those questions to the Romney campaign.’”

PAWLENTY: He gets two Pinocchios for saying, “Anyone who understands the budget crisis facing this country understands that entitlements have to be talked about. And we need a leader to address that in detail. I’ll come to your house, Bob Schieffer, and mow your lawn if you can find President Obama`s specific proposals on reforming entitlements in this country.”

Glenn Kessler: “Pawlenty’s challenge sounds a lot like a bluff in light of the facts. Perhaps he knew that the yard-less Schieffer couldn’t collect the spoils.”

Speaking of specifics… here was Pawlenty also on Face the Nation about Romney: “So he hasn’t put out a specific plan to eliminate any of the particular deductions within the tax code, but he has talked pretty specifically about how he would reform, reduce and slow down government spending overall.”

RUBIO: He’s on his book tour.