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Patrick praises SCOTUS ruling -- and digs Romney

Mitt Romney's
successor as governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick (D), praised the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the 2010 health-care law -- and tweaked Romney in the process.

"Today's decision is a victory for the American people, a victory for the proper role of government, and a victory for our constitutional checks and balances," Patrick said at press conference in Boston.  

Patrick, an Obama campaign co-chair, sought to tie the federal health-care plan to the one Romney signed into law as Massachusetts governor.

"Congress acted, in 2009, for the same reasons our legislature. And Gov. Romney acted in 2006 because health is a public good and everyone deserves access to it -- because reforming the system brings costs down and improves the system for everyone. Today the court upheld that power."

"[Romney] deserves credit for his role together with the Democratic legislature and Sen. Kennedy and the business community and patient advocates for doing a lot of good, for helping people help themselves," he added.

Patrick said the system in place in Massachusetts has improved coverage, citing stabilizing premiums and coverage of 99.8% of children. Patrick then used Massachusetts' results to counter Romney's claims that the federal law will raise taxes, drop coverage, and eliminate jobs. 

"Each and every one of the list of horrors Gov. Romney now says will happen in America because of Obamacare did not happen in Massachusetts because of Romneycare," Patrick said. 

Patrick also praised Chief Justice John Roberts for setting aside partisanship by siding with the Court's liberal justices to uphold the law.

"The chief justice said basically that it's not the court's business to offer an opinion about whether they approve or disapprove of the choices the Congress has made, but instead in a constitutional system to determine whether the Congress had the power to make the choices it made," Patrick said. "The Affordable Care Act is not ultimately about President Obama or Chief Justice Roberts or any other member of the Court or Congress. It's about Americans all across this country who are trying their very best to make their way forward.  It's about helping people help themselves."