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In Michigan, Romney campaign announces record fundraising day


TROY, Mich. – For Mitt Romney and his finance team, it's good to be home.

Here in Michigan -- where Mitt Romney was born and raised and where he recently concluded a five-day bus tour by dipping his toes in Lake Michigan with his wife Ann – the campaign announced it hit a record fundraising haul of between $6 million and $8 million dollars in a single day.

"Michigan has been great,” John Rakolta, Jr., the national finance co-chairman of the campaign told donors gathered for the second of two fundraising events on Wednesday. “Tonight and today we will exceed every single event that has been held for Governor Romney from the beginning of the campaign.”

Spencer Zwick, the campaign's national finance chairman, later told reporters he did not yet have a final figure. The campaign had only two finance events on the books Wednesday; a reception in Grand Rapid earlier in the day and a dinner event outside Detroit, where tickets ranged in cost from $2,500 to $50,000.

"It’s hard to write a check to a politician, it’s harder to get a friend to do it. You guys have done that, thank you. And to each person who is here this evening, you have helped us break records, and that's not just important from the standpoint of breaking records, it’s important because we recognize what’s at stake," Romney told donors Wednesday. "I realize this is not about me. You're not giving a check to me; you're not giving a check to the Republican Party. You're concerned about America. This is about our country."

Disclosure forms posted at the Federal Election Commission’s web site Wednesday showed that Romney's campaign raised $23.4 million dollars in May, compared with $39.1 million raised by the Obama campaign. When the campaigns' receipts are lumped in with the state and national parties that make up their "Victory" committees, Romney and the Republicans out-raised Democrats and the president.

Obama campaign officials said Wednesday they expect to be outraised by Romney again in June, and outspent for the cycle by Romney and the outside PACs and groups which support him.