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2012: Obama leads Romney in new poll

Obama leads Romney in a Bloomberg/Selzer poll, 53%-40%, “even as the public gives him low marks on handling the economy and the deficit, and six in 10 say the nation is headed down the wrong track.”

Romney has a 39/48% fav/unfav.”A majority of likely voters, 55 percent, view him as more out of touch with average Americans compared with 36 percent who say the president is more out of touch,” Bloomberg writes. But: “The presidential race is roughly tied among the most enthusiastic voters, 49 percent of whom back Romney compared with 48 percent for Obama. Still, Romney inspires far less enthusiasm even among his supporters than does Obama, with 35 percent of Romney backers saying their support for him is “very strong,” compared with 51 percent of Obama backers who say so.”

The New York Times does its own fact-checking of Obama and Romney campaign statements. “With the presidential race largely focused on the economy and the budget, Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are filling speeches with facts and figures designed to enhance their case and diminish the other guy’s, in the process often making assertions fundamentally at odds with one another. Along the way, both candidates are at times stretching the truth, using statistics without context, exaggerating their own records and misrepresenting their opponent’s.”