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At Waldorf, Republicans strategize the campaign


NEW YORK -- A small, influential and wealthy group of conservatives gathered in a private dining room at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon to raise money and strategize the coming months of the presidential campaign. 

Restore Out Future, the pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC, held the fundraiser for 75 attendees who, according to a source, were "fired up" at the prospects of a Republican taking back the White House, especially after what they felt was a string of bad weeks for President Barack Obama.

Sens. Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte, both mentioned as contenders to be tapped as Romney's running mate, were slated to attend the luncheon but had to cancel because of Senate votes scheduled late Monday night. They phoned in instead. 

Although few details emerged from the two-and-a-half-hour meeting, one attendee said the group unveiled a new ad that would soon hit airwaves. They also showed off ads currently being run by the Democrats and Obama campaign.

Those spotted entering the Waldorf included Foster Friess, once the primary funder of a pro-Rick Santorum Super PAC, Connecticut senatorial candidate Linda McMahon, and former New York Congressman Rick Lazio.