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Democrats book $46 million in 60 districts; outraise GOP counterpart

Democrats say they have reserved $46.1 million in TV ad time in 60 districts in their "Drive for 25."

For Democrats to wrest control of the House of Representatives back from Republicans, there would need to be yet another wave election -- 25 seats to flip. The Cook Political Report's David Wasserman predicts so far Democrats pick up fewer than that, from five to 15 seats at this point.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee narrowly outraised its counterpart in May, bringing in $6.7 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee's $6 million. The DCCC has outraised the NRCC this cycle $96.8 million to $86.6 million. But the NRCC has more cash on hand -- $33.5 million to $27.5 million.

The TV ad buys are in 37 districts currently held by Republicans, 11 held by Democrats, and 12 where there are open races.

The NRCC responds with two points:

(1) that it raised more than $4.5 million just this morning at a conference to launch its Battleground Program; and (2) Its Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX), said at the meeting: “If we want to strengthen the majority, we’ve got to earn it.” The message was: the committee is in a strong financial position, but that it's not a time to rest on laurels, and that the stakes are too high for anyone to take it for granted.