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Sons pitch in for Romney in Ohio on Father's Day

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney along with his grandsons Parker Romney, right, and Nick Romney, center, serve pancakes during a campaign event at Mapleside Farms on Sunday in Brunswick, Ohio.

BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- While Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney campaigned across the battleground state of Ohio Sunday, he has his family standing by his side this Father’s Day.
“Let's wish a happy Father's Day to my dad,” Craig, one of Romney’s sons, told the cheering, rain-soaked crowd. “Happy Father’s Day.”
Kicking off the third day of Romney’s “Every Town Counts” tour, Romney and his wife, Ann, plus two sons, daughter-in-law, and a handful of grandkids served up pancakes at a breakfast here. 
“We love to help my dad and my mom and any chance we get to fly and meet up with them we just love to do it,” Romney’s other son in attendance, Matt, told the several hundred people at Mapleside Farms. Matt went on to fondly tell a story about how his dad helped his pregnant wife when she was on bed rest.
“He [Mitt] spliced the cable, built a TV cabinet, put a TV upstairs went and found someone who could help her do errands and got this all arranged in a matter of like 30 minutes,” Matt said. “I just look at that…he taught me to be both a father and a husband."
While the two sons shared insight on Romney’s personal side this Father’s Day, the all-but-certain GOP nominee continued to jab his competitor -- President Barack Obama.
“It looks like the sun is coming out,” Romney said as he began his nearly 20-minute speech just as the rain clouds parted. “I think that’s a metaphor for the country, the sun is coming out guys.  Three and a half years of dark clouds are about to part and it’s about to get a little warmer around this country, little brighter.”
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The Buckeye State is setting up to be the site of a fierce battle between Romney and Obama in this fall’s election. This visit marks Romney’s second visit to the state just this week and is a state Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman says the president should be spending more time in.
“We’re concerned for our families, our state, for our country. We’re concerned because we have a president of the United States who doesn’t know how to turn things around,” Portman, a Romney supporter and highly speculated vice presidential candidate, told the crowd while introducing Romney. “Folks he [Obama] needs to spend less time in Hollywood at fundraisers and more time with small businesses here in the state of Ohio.”
Romney served pancakes with Ann while Portman poured the syrup. The trio and Romney's two sons will all continue campaigning across Ohio on Father’s Day – two more events are planned Sunday in Newark and Troy.