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Rubio's the overwhelming VP fav at conservative conference

WASHINGTON, DC -- Who should be Mitt Romney's vice-presidential pick?

The answer to that question, according to interviews with several attendees here at the Faith & Freedom Coalition, is pretty clear: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R), who addressed this crowd on Thursday. 

Jeff Biggs from North Carolina:
"Rubio. We heard him speak yesterday and he did an outstanding job. It seems like he speaks from the heart."

Barbara Samuells from Long Island, New York:
"I think there are many good choices out there. My husband and I have this discussion every now and then, and I very much like Marco Rubio, but I think just lately my favorite and who I think could bring the most to us is Paul Ryan."

Lisa Roper from Texas:
"Marco Rubio. He is pure passion and he brings America all in one voice. Just being an immigrant and his family, and I think that's something that America can relate to and it's a serious issue on the table for Republicans, so I am certainly for him."

Jim McCarroll from Blairsville, Georgia:
"Marco Rubio. I just have a feeling he's the right guy." 

Happy Shuler from North Carolina: "A good Christian, Constitutionalist and one who believes in America and what our founding fathers were about. I like a fellow that's from Florida. You know who that is? Rubio."

Ashley Taylor from Richmond, Virginia:
"There are a lot of good people out there. I think Bob McDonnell has something unique to offer. Virginia is obviously a critical state. Bob McDonnell has proven himself to be a candidate that can appeal to people throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia." [Note: McDonnell addresses this crowd later tonight.]

Rebecca Jacob from North Carolina: 
"I've heard Jeb Bush, but I hope it's Marco Rubio. He's an American man. He's very conservative, and I do believe they would compliment each other. Mitt's a little on the more liberal/conservative side, but I think once he makes president, God says the same, he'll be the best for the job and Rubio would make an awesome vice president."

Aron Randall from Georgia:
"Rubio. I think he'll balance out the ticket and think he adds something to it. He gives the ticket what it needs. Mitt Romney is a great guy, but he needs a little bit more support, he needs a little more vigor." 

Artie Post with the tri-county Tea Party in Florida:
"Oh boy, there is such a field. Rubio of course comes to mind. I don't know at this point, it's still developing." 

Kimberly Erb from Smyrna, South Carolina:
"Ron Paul. He's the person that I voted for in the primaries. I don't think that Romney is conservative enough, and maybe Ron Paul is a little too conservative so I think the two together would be really good."