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Romney: Road trip!

The AP previews Romney’s bus tour that begins today. “Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney’s first traditional campaign trip of the general election, a six-state trek by bus, is aimed at swaying undecided voters living outside America’s big cities. To hear his advisers tell it, he’ll be visiting the towns President Barack Obama forgot. The former Massachusetts governor is planning to roll through at least 14 small cities and towns over five days on his ‘Every Town Counts’ tour. His aides say he will stop in the kinds of places that are hurting because of the bad economy — not those, they say, that Obama has in mind when he speaks about how to make things better.”

"Mitt Romney, seeking to overshadow an appearance by the president in Ohio on Thursday, mocked President Obama as a candidate of words, not deeds, whose eloquent speech-making abilities have not been matched by the effectiveness of his economic policies," The New York Times writes. "Giving his own economic speech in the same state where Mr. Obama was presenting his, Mr. Romney said that the president’s re-election campaign felt compelled to deliver a major address on the economy “because he hasn’t delivered a recovery for the economy.”"


"In Republican Mitt Romney's bid for the White House, there are the obvious obstacles: namely a sitting president, Democrat Barack Obama, and his massive campaign organization. And then there are the less predictable hurdles - such as Gary Johnson, a self-effacing former New Mexico governor who could complicate Romney's efforts to challenge Obama in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada in the November 6 election," Reuters reports.