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2012: The mad dash for cash

The New York Times: “With the primary season over, the presidential campaign has entered a new phase, one dictated by the competitive realities of the deregulated campaign finance system. Having decided not to take public financing for the general election, both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney need to devote much of their time to banking the money necessary to fuel their campaigns through Election Day. This election cycle marks the completion of a gradual shift away from the days when candidates would be able to wrap up fund-raising on their own behalf ahead of their conventions in the middle of the summer and rely on public financing — which limits candidates to a preset expenditure level — for the general election.”

“Primary voters went to the polls Tuesday to finalize general-election matchups in some key contests that will help determine control of the Senate next year, including in Virginia, where Republicans chose former senator George Allen as their nominee. Allen defeated a handful of more conservative candidates for the chance to take on former Democratic governor Timothy M. Kaine,” The Washington Post writes. “With the exception of the primaries in Maine — where six Republicans and four Democrats vied to take on independent front-runner Angus King in November — Tuesday’s contests, which also included races in North Dakota and Nevada, were not expected to be suspenseful. But the November races in these states will be crucial to Republicans’ chances of dislodging Democrats from their majority perch in the Senate. “These are the states where the Senate will be won or lost,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Matt Canter.”