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2012: Narrowing the gap

Mitt Romney has narrowed the gap in another poll. Romney and Obama are tied at 43% in the latest FOX poll. Obama had led 46-39% last month (though the two were tied in April also at 46% apiece).

Meanwhile, Obama leads 46-42% in a national Monmouth University poll. Among those who say they’re the most likely to vote, the gap narrows to Obama 47%-46%.

And get this: on religion, 31% say Obama comes closest to their religious beliefs, 27% say Romney, and 32% neither.

The Tampa Bay Times: “Poll: Voters prefer full Dream Act to Rubio's version.”

Just 44% approve of the Supreme Court.

MICHIGAN: Romney leads in a new Epic/MRA poll 46-45%, a reversal from Obama’s 47-43% lead in April.