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Obama: So sorry

“The Obama campaign raised questions Thursday over Mitt Romney’s secrecy when it comes to his finances, especially with regards to his investments and whether he pays his fair share of taxes, and called upon the Republican candidate to release his retirement contract from Bain Capital,” the Boston Globe reports.

Clinton’s weird walk back on the Bush tax cuts: "I'm very sorry about what happened. I thought something had to be done on the 'fiscal cliff' before the election. Apparently nothing has to be done until the first of the year."

The health law remains largely unpopular. A CNN poll finds 51% say they’re opposed to the law, while 43% say they’re in favor of it.

Netroots Nation is happening in Providence. Said one person to USA Today of Obama: "I thought he was more to the left than he is. Disappointed that he's not, but I'm going to wholeheartedly support him. Because there is no one else."

Said another, from Florida who is fighting the voter purges: "You learn that no one is going to be the end-all and be-all," she says. "Most of us are pragmatists. There's no way we're going to vote for someone like Mitt Romney."