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Veepstakes: Cattle call

From Alex Moe and Andrew Rafferty

CPAC starts tomorrow in Chicago, and there will be a slew of potential veeps on hand.

Mark it down… Both Rep. Paul Ryan & Sen. Rob Portman will be special guests at a young professionals for Romney event in Washington, DC on June 25th, the Washington Post reports.

BUSH: Also from this AM’s CBS interview, Slate points out: the former Florida governor offered praise to President Obama for his approach to fixing education, and suggested Republicans would be willing to raise taxes if this was not an election year.

GOP 12 headlines of Bush’s TV interview: “Jeb: I'm not ‘100,000 percent against President Obama’.”

CHRISTIE: In Jersey, per Businessweek: Gov. Chris Christie is asking New Jersey senior citizens to work against a property tax credit plan that's partially paid for by reinstating a tax on millionaires.

JINDAL: The education reformer is hitting some road blocks. From the Shreveport Times:  “The Louisiana Federation of Teachers has filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education package enacted by the Legislature and using public school funds to pay for private and parochial school vouchers.”

Jindal’s response: "Forty-four percent of our public schools are failing...The coalition of the status quo have fought reform every step of the way, so it is no surprise they are making this last ditch effort to convince the courts to overrule the vote of the people and the Legislature. Holding up these reforms in court will only deny parents and students the opportunity to escape failing schools. Our kids do not get a second chance to grow up."

MARTINEZ: She’s selling airplanes in New Mexico. And from the AP, some perspective on Tuesday’s results in the state: “Republican Gov. Susana Martinez and her allies flexed their muscle in legislative races by reaching across party lines to help moderate Democrats survive challenges from liberals, but the governor's favored GOP candidate lost in a Senate contest in eastern New Mexico. The first-term governor ended up with a potentially more favorable legislative landscape after Tuesday's primary election despite the loss of the candidate she endorsed in a two-way race to replace state Sen. Clint Harden of Clovis, who is retiring after 10 years.”

PAWLENTY:  He said yesterday about the president: "His drone strikes and killing of Osama Bin Laden obviously are positives, but they don't go far enough.”

He was mum on all things regarding himself as the VP, but said Portman, Rubio and Christie would be strong VP choices

RUBIO: Wrote an op/ed in the WSJ today which argued the U.S. should help establish safe zones in Turkey, offer medicine and intelligence, work to unify the Syrian opposition, and certainly abandon hope in Kofi Annan.  The piece comes the same day a new CNN poll shows 6 in 10 Americans feel US has no responsibility to end the fighting in Syria.

Yesterday he joined Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee subpanel hearing on freedom in Cuba. They were the only two senators who showed, and did not make much progress with the Obama administration, The Hill reports.

RYAN: Appeared on Hannity last night and again dodged the VP question:
Hannity: If Governor Romney gave you a call and said, ‘Congressman, I would like to you run with me.’ Your answer would be?
Ryan: You mean go jogging with him? I’d go for a run.
Hannity: All right, would you go jogging with him to the vice presidency?
Ryan: Sure. I am not going to comment on any of that stuff …
Hannity: It’s part of my job, Congressman.
Ryan: I know it is.