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RNC Chair: Democrats in Wis. 'really feel put off' by Obama

Fresh off last night's victory for Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said there could be repercussions for President Obama, because he didn't do much to help liberal activists get Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett elected.

On MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports, the native Wisconsinite said Democrats "were really disappointed in this president for not coming into Wisconsin. He was in Chicago; he was in Minnesota. I mean, he really didn't lift a finger for them and neither did the Democratic Party, and so, they really feel put off."

But in the final exit poll, which included weighting for absentee ballots and showed Walker with a big lead, President Obama led Republican Mitt Romney by a 51-44 percent margin.

Priebus first tried to dismiss the result, which was similar to other polling conducted before the election.

"Well, I mean, those same exit polls said that it was going to be a close night, and it was not a very close race," Priebus said.

The early, unweighted exit polls did show a close race, but later data showed results closer to the eventual outcome. Walker won 53-46%.

Priebus continued, "But let's assume that the exit polls as they relate to Obama are accurate. I think you can't really poll today how people are going to feel in a couple of months."

He added that Democrats "wanted to prove that what happened in Wisconsin in 2010 was just a fluke. And this was their time, their opportunity to show the world that Wisconsin was blue, and they just needed a little help from Barack Obama. And they didn't get it. And for Obama to come back now in a couple of months, and expect some lovefest, that ... he's going to be greeted with open arms, I got a feeling that a whole lot of people and Democratic activists on the other side of the aisle in Wisconsin are going to say, 'Go back to Illinois. You weren't here for us, and we won't be there for you. That's a serious problem for the president."