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Total recall: Walker survives

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Scott Walker on Tuesday became the first governor in the country's history to survive a recall election, besting his 2010 rival in a contest that broke spending records and captured the nation's attention.” And: “Public-sector unions are clear losers in Walker victory.”

Walker won 53-46%.

Turnout last night in Wisconsin was higher than 2010, but not quite at 2008 levels. Both Walker and Barrett got more votes than they each got in 2010.

Here’s how it breaks down:

2012:  2,503,745 (Walker 1,331,076- Barrett 1,158,337)
: 2,160,832 (Walker 1,128,941- Barrett 1,004,303)
: 2,983,417 (Obama 1,677,211- McCain 1,262,393)

Wisconsin State Journal: “Control of the state Senate appeared to have been wrested from Republican control early Wednesday as late results showed former state Sen. John Lehman beating incumbent Sen. Van Wanggaard by less than 1,000 votes.” More: Though taking control of the Senate is a huge moral victory for the Democrats, they won't be able to do much with it, at least for a while. The Legislature isn't scheduled to convene again until January, and Democrats will have to defend their majority in November's elections. But Democrats will be able to block any Republican legislation should Walker call for a special session of the Legislature.”

“The governor quieted the rowdy crowd when he mentioned his opponent, Barrett, striking a note of unity,” the Wisconsin State Journal writes. “‘No, no, the election is over,’ he said. ‘It is time to move the state forward. Tomorrow we are no longer opponents. Tomorrow we are one as Wisconsinites.’ Walker said one of the first things he would do following his win is meet with his cabinet and discuss the moves needed to move the state forward. The governor also said he planned to invite the Legislature to a sort of ‘brat summit’ at which they can begin making peace with one another. Walker did not provide details on such a meeting.”

Some front pages:

New York Times: “Governor wins Wisconsin vote in recall drive: Setback for Democrats.”
Wall Street Journal
: “Recall bid fails in Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker win caps fiery battle, deals public-sector unions a blow.”
Chicago Tribune
: “Walker survives Wisconsin recall.”
Chicago Sun-Times
(over a photo of President Obama): “Beyond recall: Wisconsin’s mixed message.”
Indianapolis Star:
“Indiana await recall fallout: Wisconsin vote was viewed as referendum on labor rights.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune
: “Wisconsin governor survives recall vote: GOP is looking for a carryover into the presidential race.”

And why did a woman slap Tom Barrett in the face at his concession rally?