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More from the exit poll: A divided electorate

How polarized is the Wisconsin electorate in this recall contest?

According to the early exit polls, 51% of voters said they approve of the way Gov. Scott Walker (R) handled the issue of collective bargaining in the state -- the very issue that ignited this political battle in Wisconsin. By comparison, 48% disapprove of that job. 

Additionally, 50% say they approve of the legislation limiting government workers from collectively bargain, while 48% disapprove. 

What's more, voters have identical impressions of the two political parties -- 47% view the Democratic Party and GOP favorably, and 50% have a negative view. 

And minds in this recall were made up long ago: Just 11% said they decided their vote in the Walker vs. Tom Barrett contest since May 1. But a whopping 88% said they made up their minds before that. 

Where voters weren't necessarily divided: A majority -- 54% -- said the government is doing too many things, versus not doing enough to solve problems. And 52% say they have a favorable view of unions for government workers, while 43% have an unfavorable view.