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Exit poll: Obama bests Romney in Wisconsin by 7 points


With updated exit poll data in, Wisconsin recall voters said they would pick President Obama over Republican Mitt Romney by a 51-44 percent margin.

Caution, though, on the results -- 10 to 12 percent of the electorate voted absentee, and absentees are not included in the exit poll.

Exit polls show incumbent Gov. Scott Walker (R) with a big lead, about 14 points, over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D). He leads by 19 points with men, while Barrett leads by five points with women. Both make up 50 percent of the electorate. Raw vote showed Walker up nine, 54-45 percent with 87 percent of precincts reporting.

If Walker is able to stave off the challenge and keeps his job, the Obama-Romney head-to-head numbers will throw cold water on analyses claiming the recall is a harbinger for this fall's presidential election.

Just 20 percent of Wisconsin voters said their personal financial situation had gotten better in the past two years; 44 percent said it was the same; 36 percent said it had gotten worse.

Despite that, voters didn't appear to blame President Obama. By a 42-38 percent margin, Wisconsin voters thought Obama would do a better job improving the economy than Romney, with 19 percent saying neither of them.

And by a 46-37 percent margin, voters said Obama would do a better job helping the middle class.