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Hey, big spender: Majority of TV ad money going to FL, VA, OH

Obama camp single-biggest spender, but outside conservative groups spent more

So far, for the general election, $108 million has been spent on TV ads by the presidential campaigns and outside groups, according to an analysis by NBC/SMG Delta.

Just 16 states have seen any spending since the end of the GOP primary, and the lion’s share of that has been concentrated in just 10 battleground states.

Nearly $6 out of every $10 spent so far have been in a trifecta of states that could very likely determine the outcome of the presidency – Florida, Virginia, and Ohio.

About 40 percent has been by the Obama campaign.

Here are the 10 states seeing the most spending, through June 5th:

1. Florida $22.1 million
2. Virginia $20.8 million
3. Ohio $19.3 million
4. North Carolina $10.1 million
5. Colorado $7.4 million
6. Iowa $7.4 million
7. Pennsylvania $6.7 million
8. Nevada $6.6 million
9. New Hampshire $4.4 million
10. Michigan $3.4 million

(No other state has seen more than $336,000 spent, the amount spent in New Mexico.)

The biggest spender so far – no surprise – in those battlegrounds is the Obama campaign, with $41.5 million poured into TV. (The Romney campaign has spent $7.4 million.)

But outside conservative groups combined – not including the Romney campaign -- have outspent the Obama campaign there with $49.6 million.

Here’s how the spenders break down:

1. Obama $41.5 million
2. Crossroads GPS $24.5 million
3. Americans for Prosperity $13.3 million
4. Priorities USA and Priorities/League of Conservation Voters $8.2 million
5. Romney $7.4 million
6. America’s Future Fund 4.5 million
7. Restore Our Future $4.1 million
8. American Energy Alliance $3.2 million
9. Planned Parenthood $1.4 million