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Total recall

“Polls in arguably the most polarized state in the nation will open this morning, giving the final say over a fierce recall election for governor to Wisconsin voters instead of billionaire moguls, labor groups and pundits all struggling for months to sway the outcome,” the Chicago Tribune writes.

“The election is being closely watched nationally for clues about fallout facing other elected officials who cut workers' benefits to ease crunched budgets and for the implications in the presidential race between President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney in a state both would like to win,” USA Today adds.

The Journal-Sentinel’s Kane: “Although both groups believed their candidate was the right one to lead the state, only one side will be validated. And the agony of defeat will be twice as painful if the winners decide to gloat. Remember, for many folks this was not so much an election as a battle for the soul of Wisconsin.”

The New York Daily News calls it “a contest that will make a statement about union power and set the tone for November in the Midwestern battleground.”

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel breaks down where Scott Walker and Tom Barrett differ on the issues. And here’s a timeline of the recall and what led to it.

George Will pokes at Wisconsin liberals: “Wisconsin progressivism is in a dark Peter Pan phase; it is childish without being winsome.” And he likens them to “children throwing a tantrum.”