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Romney: Digging deeper on Bain

The Boston Globe goes to Fort Wayne, IN, and writes about two Bain investments – one that helped the business, the other that saw a company go belly up. “The common denominator is that Romney and his Bain Capital partners profited from both investments at both plants,” the Globe writes, adding, “An on-the-ground look at the fortunes of these two Midwestern steel factories illuminates how Bain - which Romney built into one of the leading private equity companies in the United States - augmented its own investments with large amounts of debt and community taxpayer support to make forays into a rapidly changing segment of heavy industry.”

“After days of repeating Clinton’s statement last week that the presumptive Republican nominee “crosses the qualification threshold” to be president, the Romney campaign dug up an older interview in which Clinton questioned Obama’s presidential qualification,” the Boston Globe notes. “In a December 2007 exchange, PBS’s Charlie Rose asked Clinton if Americans would be ‘rolling the dice’ by electing Obama, instead of Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton.”