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Walker closing message: People are 'sick of all the attacks'

WEST SALEM, WI, and WASHINGTON -- In what appears to be embattled Gov. Scott Walker's closing message to voters before tomorrow's recall election, he warned that if he loses, it could set a bad precedent leading to more recalls in the state and that no one wants all these attacks.

"If my opponent's elected, you have the start of recall ping pong," Walker said in a press conference here today. "Recalls will continue throughout the state, sadly for years to come. I don't think anyone wants that."

Roger Schneider / AP

Republican Gov. Scott Walke serves eggs at a dairy breakfast in Rockland, Wis.

He added, "I think most people on this state want to move on. They're sick of all the attacks, all the commercials ... You're not able to do that if my opponent's elected. It's the start of an ongoing, seemingly endless campaign of year-round elections."

Of course, this is from Walker, whom Democrats have attacked for saying he would employ a "divide and conquer" strategy to take on unions.

On negative advertising, the airwaves have been dominated by Walker and his supporters, who have far outspent Democrats. Conservatives have spent about double what Democrats have on TV, $24 million to $12.7 million, according to NBC/SMG Delta.

And on recalls leading to more recalls, since Democrat Gray Davis was ousted in 2003, there hasn't been another election like it in California.

Walker also didn't back down from any of the controversial stances he's taken -- like going after dismantling collective-bargaining rights for public-sector workers -- which led to the million-person petition setting the recall in motion.

"I think the message that will come out tomorrow if we're able to prevail is that you can take on tough issues," he said, adding, "and voters will stand with you."