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Romney: 6% unemployment

“Mitt Romney pledged Wednesday that if elected president he will drive down unemployment to 6 percent or lower by the end of his first term,” the Boston Globe writes. “Romney has made the promise at least once before, at a North Las Vegas truck dealership in September, but he has rarely given voters such a specific figure to which he could be held accountable. The guarantee is also notable because Romney has repeatedly claimed President Obama broke a promise to hold the jobless rate under 8 percent. Romney’s 6 percent promise bears the appearance of bold one-upsmanship.”

“Mitt Romney on Wednesday proposed a significant restructuring of the American education system, one that would revamp the funding formulas, encourage more charter schools, and revive the debate over how poor and disabled students choose the schools they attend,” the Boston Globe writes.

Reuters: “Romney said millions of American children are getting a ‘third-world education,’ and offered proposals that he said would reward teachers for their results instead of their seniority. And he would give parents greater choice of where to send their children to school and take other steps to reduce the influence of powerful teachers’ unions.”

The AP: “Despite his criticism of Obama, the president has embraced some reforms that started as Republican ideas, according to Michael Petrilli, executive vice president at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a Washington-based think tank. Through their ‘Race to the Top’ competition, for example, they have encouraged states to lift caps on the number of charter schools, a policy that Romney supports as well. ‘It doesn't leave a lot of room for Mitt Romney to draw contrast with President Obama,’ Petrilli said. The Obama campaign responded by releasing comments from a series of Republicans — high-profile Romney supporters Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, among them — praising Obama's education policies.”

Colin Powell yesterday took shots at Mitt Romney on foreign policy. In 2008, Romney said he’d pick Joe the Plumber over Powell.