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Veepstakes: Rubio helps a bit in FL

RUBIO: Adding Rubio to the ticket adds two points to Romney’s lead in Florida, according to Quinnipiac – from 47%-41% to 49%-41%.

RYAN: NBC’s Alex Moe reports from California: “Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), a potential vice presidential pick for Mitt Romney, had harsh words for President Barack Obama Tuesday evening, but told the crowd the nation could get back on the right track with the 2012 election. ‘We face not just a failed president, but a failed ideology. We face a pessimistic mood in the nation's capital. A belief that our best days are over and the only thing left to do is to manage the nation's decline,’ Ryan told the nearly 1,000-person crowd at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. ‘But, we have the same opportunity today to reject this defeatist attitude and to embrace a positive reform agenda possible to kick start a new era of prosperity, an American renewal, a comeback.’”

Ryan, it’s worth noting, was a reliable vote for former President George W. Bush’s agenda -- Ryan voted for the Bush tax cuts, the Iraq war authorization, and the Medicare prescription-drug plan.