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2012: Romney's up 3 in another poll

Romney’s up three points in a Mason-Dixon poll, 47%-44%. Obama has a six-point lead with women and a seven-point lead with those younger than 50. Romney leads big with men and those 50 and older, and has a six-point lead with independents. (The poll was commissioned by Ron Sachs Communications of Tallahassee to focus on social media.)

Charlie Cook says to pay attention to some voices in analyzing the 2012 presidential race, but not the masses.

National Journal compares Obama’s and Romney’s world views: “America’s destiny is to lead the world, Romney said, not be one of several equally balanced global powers, and fulfilling that destiny rests on restoring the United States’ military preeminence and resolutely confronting rivals. … Of course, the danger of such an assertive foreign policy is that it will remind American voters not of Ronald Reagan but of George W. Bush.”

In fact: “Many of the neoconservatives and hawks who held sway in Bush’s first term and championed the Iraq war, and who continue to argue for a more assertive American leadership that confronts adversaries militarily and actively supports democratic revolutions, have signed on to advise the Romney campaign. The election campaign will help determine whether that vision of a more unilateral, values-based foreign policy and a muscular brand of U.S. leadership still sells in a country wearied by a decade of war and years of economic upheaval.”

We hardly knew ye… “Their motto was: ‘Let’s Make History!’ They didn’t. After spending $35 million trying to launch a centrist, third-party presidential candidate, Americans Elect is giving up the quest—without a candidate,” the Wall Street Journal writes, adding, “Thursday, the group said it was throwing in the towel. ‘The primary process for the Americans Elect nomination has come to an end,’ the group said in a statement.