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Romney: Raking in the bucks

Romney and the RNC raised $40.1 million last month, just shy of the $43.6 million Obama and the DNC raised. The Washington Post: “Romney’s total is significantly higher than it had been in any previous month, in large part because his campaign [hadn’t] been collecting general election funds until it sewed up the GOP nomination (donors can give $2,500 or the primary and $2,500 more for the general). The campaign also began raising money through a joint fundraising committee with the RNC for the first time in April. The fundraising total should serve notice that Romney’s campaign will be much more financially competitive with Obama’s from here on out.”

Stu Rothenberg’s take on whether it matters for Romney to define himself early: “Romney may well have failed to define himself as he would have liked to at this point, and that certainly is something his campaign needs to address. But I’m skeptical that it’s fatal. I’m not even certain the Republican nominee ‘needs to define himself quickly.’ Don’t get me wrong. The “define your opponent before he can define himself” argument is a compelling one when it comes to House races, low-visibility contests or even statewide contests when one of the candidates may not have the cash to compete. … But presidential contests are different. Unlike most elections in this country, by the end of the campaign, most voters are going to have watched Romney and President Barack Obama repeatedly, including in three live presidential debates that will draw tens of millions of viewers. Those viewers will come to know the candidates (or believe that they know the candidates) and draw their own conclusions and assessments.”

More: “For now, the president remains in considerable trouble. And with economic clouds on the horizon here and in Europe, those re-election troubles could grow.”

Political Wire: "Fed up with an inept and self-destructive GOP apparatus in Nevada, the Republican National Committee and the Mitt Romney campaign have decided to erect a 'shadow state party' in this critical swing state," Jon Ralston reports.

Forbes says Romney’s worth $230 million.

Romney sat down with a conservative blogger.