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Veepstakes: Herman Cain recommends Allen West

MCDONNELL: “President Obama is not the only politician evolving on gay rights,” the Washington Post writes. “Consider Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R), who issued a statement this week calling for the separation of judiciary and sexuality. It came on the occasion of the General Assembly’s vote Tuesday to block the appointment of a gay Richmond prosecutor, Tracy Thorne-Begland, to the bench in Richmond.”

The Washington Examiner notes how the Republicans in Virginia are complicating McDonnell’s life.

PORTMAN: Aaron Blake in a what-you-need-to-know video about Portman.

RYAN: Ryan speaks at the Reagan Library Tuesday.

WEST: Well, if Herman Cain says to do it, then… Cain wants Rep. Allen West to be VP, he tells National Review. He says no to Rob Portman: “If Romney picks a person who is going to deflate the base, rather than inspire the base, we’ll be in trouble. Most people don’t really know Portman. You’ve got to pick someone exciting, someone with bold ideas.”

GOP 12’s Heinze points out: “Last month, I checked out the Politifact scores for all potential VP candidates. At the top? Rob Portman. At the bottom? Allen West.”