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Obama: To-do list

“President Barack Obama pushes his legislative ‘to-do list’ on Wednesday,” the AP reports. “He'll start with a visit to a company in the Washington area where he'll stress the need to invest in small business and increase new hiring. He wants Congress to pass a bill that would give a 10 percent tax credit to companies that create new jobs or increase wages this year. The president also will press the list when he has lunch with the congressional leadership.”

“President Obama’s total assets in 2011 were as high as $8.3 million in 2011, according to an annual financial disclosure filing released by the White House Tuesday,” the Boston Globe reports, adding, “Much of the president’s wealth is in the form of US Treasury bills and notes, which total between $1.6 million and $6.25 million… The Obamas also have $500,001 to $1 million in a checking account at JPMorgan Chase, the bank currently under FBI scrutiny for a $2 billion trading loss.”

NBC’s Carrie Dann reports Biden today in Ohio will say: "Romney made sure the guys on top got to play by a separate set of rules, he ran massive debts, and the middle class lost. And folks, he thinks this experience will help our economy? Where I come from, past is prologue.” And he'll define "Romney economics" as "as long as the government helps the guys at the very top do well, workers and small businesses and communities can be left to fend for themselves."

A Super PAC ad out on Romney’s record at Bain “relies, in part, on the dubious assertion that Bain Capital always turned a profit, no matter what happened to the businesses in which it invested,” the Boston Globe writes.