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Obama: Raking in the Hollywood money

The New York Times: "The buddy act that President Obama and George Clooney have developed was on full display on Thursday night at the actor’s home here, where they entertained a Hollywood crowd that paid $40,000 a person to support the president’s re-election. Film-maker Jeffrey Katzenberg, the DreamWorks Animation chief whom Mr. Clooney credited with organizing the fund-raising dinner, said the event raised nearly $15 million, setting a record for a presidential election fund-raiser. Roughly half came from the donors, the rest from an Obama campaign sweepstakes online for small contributors, two of whom were picked to attend the event at Mr. Clooney’s."

The Washington Post: "The Biden comments clearly disrupted Obama’s plans, so much so that the vice president apologized to him in the Oval Office on Wednesday morning, according to White House officials — a rare public admission of a vice president overstepping his bounds. Obama said he understood, that Biden had spoken from the heart, according to the officials. The political benefits from the timing of Obama’s reversal were clear — he needed to alter a story line that was painting him as indecisive and calculating. And the announcement has spurred gay donors to give even more to Obama’s reelection campaign. But the conversion also followed years of private and public pressure on Obama, sometimes involving uncomfortable exchanges in which people spoke passionately for gay rights and the president responded by invoking the civil rights movement and rarely ceding ground."