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New Obama ads in six battleground states

The Obama campaign is up with three new ads in six states, all battlegrounds -- Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Virginia, Colorado, and Nevada.

All three ads are positive, 30 seconds each, and part of the $25 million campaign ad buy rollout announced earlier this week, the campaign confirms.

Brian,” running in Ohio, focuses on an Ohio autoworker and young father who was laid off and is back to work.

With almost U-2-style music playing in the background, Brian says while driving to work: “Obama stuck his neck out for us, the auto industry. He wasn’t going to let it just die. And I’m driving in this morning because of that.”

The Weekly Standard, though, writes “The ad itself seems to be misleading. It is not because of Obama's auto bailout that Slagle has a job. In fact, Slagle has been employed with Johnson Controls since February 2006, according to his own Facebook page."

Succeed” is running in FL, IA, OH, VA, CO. It’s Obama speaking to camera explaining the auto bailout and shots of him intently listening to voters around a kitchen table and in a diner.

“What happened in Detroit, can happen in all sorts of communities where you combine innovation with the best workers in the world, we can succeed,” Obama says in the ad.

Of course, Detroit's no paradise -- and still has lots of problems. The Romney campaign could just as easily drive down the streets of Detroit with a camera and roll on all the foreclosed and vacant homes.

Reverse,” running in FL and NV, uses the oft-used jobs bar graph. It’s an effort to re-educate, as the campaign would see it, voters on where things were and when. There are no words in the ad, except for Obama’s sign off.

On screen, it says, “Remember how things were just a few years ago?” It then shows red lines depicting the economy shedding jobs in 2008 and then after Obama takes office, blue lines heading upward. It ends on, “26 straight months of private sector growth. 4.25 million jobs added. Do we really want to reverse course now?”