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Veepstakes: Rubio's student loans

MCDONNELL: He says he’s not being vetted (yet) for VP, NBC’s Alex Moe notes.

RUBIO: “Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) statement on the Senate’s failure to advance a student loan bill Tuesday contains a noteworthy detail: The freshman lawmaker and potential running mate for Mitt Romney is still paying back his own student loans. “I think I am one of the only senators here who still has a student loan,” Rubio, 40, said in a statement after the Senate vote. “As someone with a student loan and with a state with so many people with student loans, I support a hundred percent making sure that the interest rates on student loans do not go up,”” The Washington Post writes.

HUCKABEE: "The conventional wisdom about Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential short list, according to a handful of Romney insiders, may be wrong," The National Review notes. "Instead of picking a straitlaced Midwestern senator such as Ohio’s Rob Portman, or an outspoken northeastern Republican governor such as Chris Christie, there is a chance Romney will tap an evangelical from the South. And the name on the lips of Romney friends and supporters isn’t a rising southern senator or a current Dixie governor. He has been out of office for five years, resides on a beach in the Florida panhandle, and hosts a television show. In other words, Mike Huckabee, the bass-guitar-playing former governor."