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Romney: 500,000 jobs?

Romney was able to get back on the “bad economy” message Friday because of the weak jobs report. But then he said this: "We should be seeing numbers in the 500,000 jobs created per month. This is way, way off from what should happen in a normal recovery." That’s setting the bar very high. How high? Just ONCE since 1984 has the economy added 500,000 jobs or more in a single month, and that was in May 2010, largely due to Census hiring.

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger writes in the L.A. Times: "Being a Republican used to mean finding solutions for the American people that worked for everyone. It used to mean having big ideas that moved the country forward. It can mean that again, but big ideas don't often come from small tents."

Dan Balz has this observation of Romney: He “has turned to a more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger characterization of the Obama record."

Jennifer Rubin's prescription for Romney's success in the wake of what she saw as Obama's "bobbled" campaign kickoff: "He needs to pour in two ingredients: an unsparing dissection of Obama’s record and his own alternative agenda, which fortunately includes significant items such as tax and entitlement reform, adequate funding for defense, and moderation of what has become an abusive regulatory bureaucracy. Much has been made about Romney’s shortcomings as a candidate. But judging from the Obama kickoff, the Romney campaign is miles ahead on messaging, substance and self-awareness." 

The Boston Globe editorial page hammers Romney over the resignation of openly gay aide Richard Grenell. "By buckling under the pressure from a homophobic radio host, Romney lost a uniquely qualified spokesman — and a perfect opportunity to show voters he’s prepared to lead all of America, not just a narrow slice of it."  

Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray profiles Bryan Fischer, the man in the middle of the Grennell controversy. “The conclusion I’ve come to is that [Obama] is doing this purposefully because he believes that the U.S. needs to be punished for being a racist nation,” Fischer, of the American Family Association, explained. "He is out to punish the United States for being racist.”

The Wall Street Journal: “A young man recounts how inspired he was by Barack Obama's "promise to change Washington's corrupt culture." A woman recalls how she voted for Mr. Obama "because he spoke so beautifully." Fans of the president? Hardly. Both people star in television spots attacking Mr. Obama, and both help answer a question that has vexed conservatives for months: how to go after a president whose personal popularity remains unusually resilient, even amid lukewarm ratings of his job performance. The answer: Acknowledge the potency of Mr. Obama's 2008 appeal. Then steep the ads in disappointment and lost promise.”

"Mitt Romney’s campaign on Sunday unveiled a new Web video hitting President Obama on the April jobs figures report and saying that millions of Americans were "suffering in silence" from the administration's economic policies. The ad, titled “Silence” begins with footage from news programs announcing troubling news about the economy, amid clips of Obama speaking at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, defending his record. In the clips from Obama’s address, the president is seen promising an economic recovery and telling voters to look to the future, interspersed with footage of analysts discussing continued job losses," The Hill reports.