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Romney: Romney's narrow path.

"Mitt Romney faces a narrow path to the presidency, one that requires winning back states that President Obama took from Republicans in 2008 and that has few apparent opportunities for Romney to steal away traditionally Democratic states. Months ago, Obama’s campaign advisers laid out five distinct ways for the president to clear the threshold of 270 electoral college votes and win reelection. As Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and his advisers chart their strategy, they plan to target a dozen to 15 states and say that they, too, have more routes than their opponents claim. But Romney’s team acknowledges that any realistic course to 270 starts with winning back three historically Republican states that Obama won in 2008 — Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia — and believes that changing demographics in Virginia present a challenge," The Washington Post's Dan Balz and Philip Rucker report.

Battle for the swing-state begins: An op-ed by Mitt Romney in today's The Plain Dealer issues Ohio challenge to President Obama: "Dear Mr. President, Welcome to Ohio. I have a simple question for you: Where are the jobs?"