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Obama: The life of Julia

"President Obama's reelection campaign is emphasizing women's issues today, and seeking to undermine Mitt Romney's attempts to improve his standing with them," USA Today reports. "The campaign sent supporters an interactive tool -- named "The Life of Julia" -- that spotlights differences between the two candidates. "The tool tracks how President Obama and Mitt Romney's policies will affect Julia, a typical middle-class woman, at each step in her life -- from early childhood, through her school years, until she has a child of her own, starts a business and retires," the campaign says. The issues range "from equal pay for equal work to expanding access to quality, affordable health care, child care and education," it adds."

AP: "The 10-year security compact that President Barack Obama signed with Afghan President Hamid Karzai contains promises the United States and Afghanistan cannot guarantee they will keep, and loopholes for both nations. The deal signed Tuesday also allows either nation to walk away on a year's notice. That could allow the next U.S. president, or the next Afghan leader, to scuttle a deal negotiated by his or her predecessor."