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Brown accuses Warren of harboring 'elitist attitude'


The Massachusetts Senate race took a bit of a sharper turn Wednesday, when Sen. Scott Brown (R) accused Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren of harboring an "elitist attitude" by way of communicating her policies.

Following a speech on the need for bipartisanship in Washington, in which Brown emphasized his work across the proverbial aisle, the senator took one of his toughest shots personally at Warren.

Asked about a release by his campaign, which labeled Warren an "elitist hypocrite" for declining to pay a slightly higher income tax rate in her Massachusetts filing, Brown told reporters:

"Listen, the bottom line is the way that she's approaching things, knowing better than others how to do things. The federal government can do things better than individual businesses and individuals, I think there is an elitist attitude there in the way that she's communicating to us as citizens and telling us how to do things, who should be taxed, who should not be taxed. I'm going to continue to do what I've always done and that's find solutions.”

That marks a bit of a nastier turn in this race, in which both candidates have emphasized good governance and reformist policies versus each other.

Brown also defended his own solicitation of donations from the Wall Street and financial services community, pointing to the large concentration of that sector in Massachusetts. But he also took a shot at Warren for raising money from liberal heavyweights, too.

"I'm raising money like every other member of the delegation," Brown said. "The president has taken more money than anybody, as you know, and I have raised money on Wall Street and from financial services industries.  As you know, we have the 2nd highest financial industries in the country in Massachusetts. And she's raised money from Wall Street and from George Soros who's a convicted felon, an insider trader. So I have to chuckle at that.”

Matt Loffman contributed.