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Rick Perry: God forgives 'oops moments'


The Bible may describe God's eternal redemption of mortal souls in a more soaring spiritual fashion, but Rick Perry has a more, well, personal way to describe it. 

"Every one of us has ‘oops moments’ every day,” the Texas governor and former presidential candidate told his audience at an Austin breakfast to celebrate the National Day of Prayer. “America may not forgive you for it, but God will.”

According to the Associated Press, Perry's self-effacing joke -- referencing the infamous Nov. 9 debate when he was unable to remember the third of three federal agencies he would pledge to eliminate -- won laughter and applause from the crowd. 

The November gaffe proved fatal to Perry's already-struggling presidential campaign, despite his team's attempts to diffuse the moment with light-hearted humor and a frenzy of interviews explaining why he "stepped in it." 

Perry also took the occasion of the faith event this morning to pray for the current president, as he did at several prayer rallies during the campaign. 

He says he hopes that President Barack Obama will "truly understand God's will to protect innocent life. I pray for his true understanding of God's will for this country," he said, per the AP.