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Veepstakes: Christie stumps for Walker in WI

AYOTTE: Focused on New Hampshire: "Although she is being considered as a possible running mate with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte said Tuesday that while it is flattering to be considered, she intends to continue serving in the Senate," The Union Leader reports. "She said she remains focused on helping resolve the nation's budgetary, economic and energy issues. “It is such a privilege to serve New Hampshire,” Ayotte said, adding the nation needs strong leaders in the Senate to make the tough decisions to support the will of the people."

CHRISTIE: NBC’s Carrie Dann was on the ground in Wisconsin, as Gov. Chris Christie stumped for Walker. “The outspoken New Jersey governor lent his support to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is facing a historic recall election on June 5,” Dann writes. “Speaking to over 200 donors in Green Bay, Christie made no mention of the presidential contest – nor of rampant speculation that he may be in the running for the vice presidential slot – but he offered effusive praise for Walker's efforts to reform public employee unions in the state.” Chrstie said, "The course that he pursued here in Wisconsin tells you a great deal about this man's character," Christie said of Walker's persistence in the face of searing criticism from liberal and union groups nationwide.”

"Gov. Chris Christie told voters in Wisconsin that if they support Gov. Scott Walker’s fight to stay in office amid a recall effort, their state can follow what he described as New Jersey’s path toward economic recovery," according the New Jersey Star-Ledger. "The Republican governor drew no distinction between pension and benefit reforms pushed through New Jersey’s Democrat-controlled Legislature and Walker’s near elimination of collective bargaining rights for public sector unions — actions that flooded the Madison statehouse with protesters and could make him Wisconsin’s first governor to be dumped during his term."

"With 60 days to go before the Democratic-controlled Legislature traditionally recesses for the summer, the Republican governor will begin pressing for votes on the tax cut and other initiatives he outlined in his State-of-the-State speech," the AP reports. This morning Christie will attend a town hall in Garfield, NJ.

HALEY: Still on the VP list? Even though Governor Nikki Haley said she is committed to South Carolina and would not accept a spot on the ticket, The Greenville News believes she still could be on Romney's short list.

MCDONNELL: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will join Mitt Romney at a fundraiser this evening in Northern Virginia. The fundraiser for the former Massachusetts Governor will be held at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City for donors of $50,000 or more, according to the AP.

PORTMAN: 'It's not about sizzle for me': Talking Points Memo writes: "Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), a top contender for Romney’s VP pick, defended himself Tuesday against critics that say he’s boring by saying it’s better to be serious than a “celebrity” candidate. “Well I like to think I am a serious legislator and trying to get things done. That’s my goal in life, to get things done. It’s not about sizzle for me,” Portman said on Fox News. Portman then pivoted into the well-worn “celebrity” attack on President Obama: "I mean, America made a decision in 2008 to go with a president who did have sizzle. And look, he was kind of a celebrity. He also had a very compelling message which was, remember this, I’m going to bring people together to solve problems. Didn’t happen. And it didn’t happen because he didn’t have the experience, he didn’t have the record, he didn’t have the policies to do it."

RUBIO: Sigh of relief: The Tampa Bay Times writes: "Marco Rubio can breathe easier. A soon-to-be released biography of the Republican vice presidential contender turns out to be a nuanced and largely flattering portrait of one of the most exciting figures on the national stage, rather than the hatchet job some Rubio allies had feared."