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Veepstakes: Santelli for VP?

CHRISTIE: The Trenton Times says the tunnel project between New Jersey and New York was canceled because of a grudge between NJ Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

By the way, Chrstie is getting out of the Garden State today and doing some campaigning in… Ohio for Senate candidate Josh Mandel. (Also, there will be Sen. John McCain, another Romney endorser.)

HALEY: Is this a headline for a potential veep? The Columbia State: “Critics: S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley's memoir 'just makes stuff up'.”

She says she wouldn’t even consider a cabinet position in a Romney administration.

HUCKABEE: Political Wire: Mike Huckabee on Fox News Sunday about whether he’d be VP: "I haven't gotten the call and I doubt I will. I just go merrily on about doing my business."

RUBIO: The L.A. Times: “Marco Rubio: 'I'm not going to be the vice president'.” He told CNN en Espanol: "I’m not going to be the vice president. I’m not.”

Former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says Rubio should not be the pick. "Rubio's resume does not reflect someone prepared to confront serious and dangerous issues that our country faces as president," the former attorney general said.

Mike Huckabee, though, says Rubio should be the pick.

RYAN: “Nearly 60 progressive Catholic leaders released a statement Friday, condemning Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s assertion that his budget proposal was shaped by his Catholic faith,” Politico reports.

SANTELLI: There is seriously a Draft Santelli for President effort going on to pick the CNBC reporter credited with sparking the Tea Party movement.

PORTMAN: The Columbus Dispatch’s Jack Torry likes the idea of Portman as VP.