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Obama agenda: The Buffett Rule (again)

The Tampa Bay Times: “On Tuesday, Obama will appear at Florida Atlantic University to make the case for the ‘Buffett Rule,’ a proposal that would require the wealthy to pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes. The visit kicks off a nationwide push by Democrats on an election year issue that Republicans decry as class warfare that would been a drop in the deficit bucket. … It's also a way to remind voters about Mitt Romney's wealth, and that he paid a tax rate of 13.9 percent in 2010.”

“A week before a Senate vote, the Obama campaign on Monday ramped up its advocacy of the ‘Buffett Rule,’” the Boston Globe writes. There was a campaign conference call and email yesterday about it. Republicans say raising taxes on millionaires would do little for the deficit; “The Obama campaign has compiled a list [of what the revenue could fund] of similar examples on a new website encouraging passage of the Buffett Rule.”

On the Third Way poll on swing voters, Roll Call sums it up this way: “Independent Voters Like Barack Obama but Prefer Mitt Romney’s Message.”

More debate over whether the health law would increase or reduce the deficit.

Obama went 1-for-5 in a shoot around at the White House during the Easter Egg Roll (with basketballs with his face on it).