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Veepstakes: And it begins…

The New York Daily News looks at the possibility of Marco Rubio as veep.

Mark McKinnon was making the case for Bobby Jindal.

Politico: “Right now, the name on the lips of most GOP strategists is Ohio senator and former George W. Bush administration official Rob Portman.”

George Will likes Paul Ryan and Bobby Jindal and waves off conservatives from Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval: “Romney’s choice of running mate should promise something Washington now lacks — adult supervision.”

Paul Ryan gets more glowing buzz.

Others think rather than bold, Romney needs “boring.”

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Washington: “As Romney steams toward the Re­publican presidential nomination, his campaign is vetting vice presidential possibilities. It is the most important choice he will make before the Republican convention in Tampa. Why not a woman?”

The Daily Beast lists what it sees as Romney’s top five choices.

“GOP Rep. Paul Ryan appears to be in the top mix of any list, to be sure,” Fox writes and looks at a slew of others.