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Romney says women should be allowed to join Augusta

Mitt Romney voiced support on Thursday for women being allowed to join the storied Augusta National Golf Club.

A reporter shouted a question to Romney while he was working the ropeline following an event in Pennsylvania about whether women should be able to join the club, which is the home of the annual golf tournament, The Masters.

"Well of course," Romney said. "I'm not a member of Augusta. I don't know if I would qualify -- my golf game is not that good -- but certainly if I were a member and if I could run Augusta which isn't likely to happen but of course I'd have women in Augusta. Sure."

The question to Romney came after the White House said Thursday morning that President Obama supports women being allowed to join the course.

The line of questioning comes amid scrutiny of the club's policy in light of IBM's hiring of Ginni Rometty as its CEO. The CEO of IBM has traditionally enjoyed a membership at Augusta, where the Masters are being played this weekend.