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More 2012: Backing 'pink slime'?

“Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad called Monday for a congressional investigation into how what he called ‘a smear campaign’ against the meat product commonly called ‘pink slime’ got started,” the New York Daily News writes. "‘We have a smear campaign going on against a product that is healthy and safe,’ Branstad said at his weekly news conference. ‘If they get by with this, what other food products are they going to attack next?’ … ‘It's clear this is a safe product. It's a lean product, it helps reduce obesity and there is a spurious attack being levied against it by some groups. You can suspect who they might be. They are people who do not like meat. … He also called on students at agricultural colleges in Iowa to use their social media skills ‘to counter what Hollywood and the media elites and the people who are spreading this misinformation are doing. It's their future that's being threatened by this.’”

More: “Reports over weekend showed that Beef Products' top executives and workers have given $820,750 to congressional and presidential candidates over the past decade, with all but $28,400 going to Republicans. Branstad, a Republican, received $150,000 over the past two years from people tied to Beef Products, his spokesman Tim Albrecht said Monday.” Branstad, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, South Dakota Lt. Gov. Matt Michels, and Nebraska Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy toured a plant in Nebraska where the product is made March 29.

The Atlantic yesterday looked at the dilemma when it comes to “lean, finely textured beef” aka "boneless lean beef trimmings.”

MASSACHUSETTS: Scott Brown has to be happy with this Boston Globe headline: “President Obama signs insider trading bill championed by Senator Scott Brown.”

NEW YORK: Not surprisingly, Romney leads by a big margin in New York.

OHIO: Ohio Republicans’ state party problems continue.

WISCONSIN: Scott Walker (R), in a recall fight to save his job, is the latest to invoke God’s hand.